Mountlake Terrace Garden Club
A Community Garden Club
Keeping Mountlake Terrace Beautiful
The MLT Garden Club
Beautifying our Community
One Garden Site at a Time
The Mountlake Terrace Garden Club is a non-profit service organization that provides and maintains the flowers at seven sites throughout the City of Mountlake Terrace, welcoming residents and guests to our beautiful City. MLT Garden Club members plant and maintain the beds throughout the year. The MLT Garden Club works with the city’s parks department to beautify the City. The Mountlake Terrace Garden Club is dedicated to assist in civic beautification.
Taking pride in our community by beautifying our City!
These are the Sites we Maintain
  1. Evergreen Playfield
    On 56th Avenue at the Evergreen Playfield
  2. I-5/220th Street SW
    On the corner of 220th Street heading to I-5 North next to onramp
  3. MLT Transit Center
    On the corner of 236th, next to the freeway exit and transit center.
  4. MLT Library
    On 58th Ave W at the MLT Library
  5. 244th County Line
    On 244th King and Snohomish County Line
  6. Ballinger Playfield
    Next to Lake Ballinger Playfield
  7. Firefighters
    Firefighters Memorial Park
A Volunteer Organization
We maintain several sites throughout the City of Mountlake Terrace.